Sunday, 25 August 2013


Clipper Marine Pontoon Party

1 Dunne Short

1 Butler Short

Lewis tweets about Prince Harry's polo horse

All grown up

"What's the occasion?" said Harry

A sobering party

2 Stroke measuring device found, other than shoe

"Ooooh you don't want to do it like that"

Nathan introduces Kevin to Kevin

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Thunderstorm mid channel

Twister moving for the sill at St. Peter Port

Rally at rest in Victoria Marina

Day two of Retail Therapy

Walker meets boater

'Oh, Suits you Sir'

On the start line at gumball Guernsey 

Dave's 'down hill walk'

Yet another appearance by Catalogue Man

Resting at Dave's perch

The uphill view from the down hill walk...

Like father like son

Does it clash?

DVD drop off point
Delivery successful
Nap time 

Give the towel back, you're not at university yet

Wurzel who?

Butler's onboard 

Thumbs up for technology

Lewis, if only you were 21

Bertholder's Go Blue in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

Jimmy Blue Shoes

           Blue Rinse Brigade

We will rock you

Brian May in Blue?

The conversation was very blue

Only the Best from M&S

Oh no, indelible DVD ink

The Hair Bear Bunch

Apple's blue music

Baby Butler in Blue

70's Dave

80's Dave

3 Bald Dave's

90's Dave