Friday, 14 August 2009


CQ Rally Mid Channel

Content Cruise Leader

First Leg Achieved

We Teach Them Young

Can I Let Go Yet?

Captain and First Mate at Rest

St. Malo

Miller's Folley Entering St. Malo

Sandra-Jane & Girl Fisher in St. Malo Loch
St. Malo Loch

Mullers Folley
Skippers Discuss

Gene Kelly Miller

Eric Morcombe Miller

Debbie Reynolds Miller & Co. Star

Do You Want to be Naughty Next Time?

The St. Malo Wave

We All Dream

Cobbs Quay Rally Leaving St. Malo


Departing St. Malo Loch

Fancy Dress Cancelled - or so he says?

CQ Rally at St. Helier Marina

He Works in Dubai as Well


Did I Ever Tell You the One About the Welshman & Scotsman

CQ Rally at Dielette

Paracending from Dielette Cliffs

Look, No Kite

Superman Lifts Cliff

The Hidden Cill

Dielette Marina

Charity Dress Party

Scottish Widows Insurer Wins

The Back of Beyond

Did I Ever Tell You the One About...