Wednesday 30 July 2014

Red Pontoon Party

Nice Hair

Been Read, am Red, Will be Read

Athena, Goddess of Zoe

Gin & Tonic Man

Boys, Beers & Bruce

Harry was told to dress up..

CQ Rally in Red!

Red Knees = Dedication to the Theme... 
Bruce Meets the Cast of Baywatch 2014

Commodore Butler

Tuesday 29 July 2014

St. Cast

Twister Approaching St. Cast

The Beautiful St. Cast

Marina & Town Panoramic
First Night at St. Cast

 Oh, There's Where all the Men Are

 Rib Bottom Check Complete (we didn't even have to ask!)

Rub-a-dub Day

How Harry Tans

Whose a Pretty Buoy Then?
633 Squadron Land 
 Too Hot Tuesday

Butler Waterpolo Bootcamp

It Runs in the Family 
Kilroy Looks On 
Swimmer Forced to Remove Board Shorts
The Adoring Crowd Looks on

No Child wants to see their Parents in Speedos…

 They have Hair, what's your excuse?

 We Need to Talk..

Guess Who is Retired?

Test Run

 What a lovely place to Moor

 On Second Thoughts..


Picturesque walk into Town

CQ Rally at Rest

RIB Crew on Terrafirma 

Sac Homme I Believe

Looking Through the Porthole 

Monday 28 July 2014

Guernsey to St. Cast

 Cobra Crew Ready for the Off

Deck Hand Abbi

 Girl Fisher Leads the Way

Bongo Departs

Where are the Kids when you need them?

Babylon Departs 

Josephine Departs

 Corker Departs

 Silver Dolphin Departs

 Aphrodite Departs

Wave Dancer & Wildest Dream Depart

 There's the Wave, Where's the Dancing?

 Wildest Dream Departs

Miller's Folly Departs

 Reflections Departs

 Twister Departs

Jay Jay Departs

 Back Stage Preparations for Shoot

Mr. Musto - The Face of the Future

 Suicide Seat is Painless..

And Fisherman call us Plastic Cowboys..

What a Corker